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Energy Savers

Monitor | Analyze | Control | Save

Why Do you need Smart Energy Savers?

To Reduce High Electricity Bills, To Reduce Carbon Emissions.

To Enhance Lives of your Load by efficient and Smart usage of energy.

energy saver

Get rid of Harmonic Problems

Reduce I²R Heating in

Transformers, Wires & Switch Gears

Increase Energy Efficiency

& Enhance Load Capacity

Say Good-Bye to Tripping Nuisance of Breakers

Harmonics can be produced by the machines in-house and/or may enter your systems from the electric utility power system because of other offending sources on the line feeding your utility.

Get rid of Power Quality Problems

Reduce Excessive Energy Consumption

Say Good Bye to

Voltage Dips & Surges

Enhanced Power Quality &

Device Health

When additional measures are taken such as balancing phase voltages and filtering harmonics and transients from the power supply, the process is known as Voltage Power Optimization or VPO.

When coupled with other smart grid power management technology and Alphonso Energy Analytics Software, Voltage Power Optimization gives the end-user the ability to manage and optimize their supply in order to immediately correct power quality problems from the grid and does so with great efficiency.

Power of Analytics & AI

Real-Time Global

Remote Monitoring

Prediction of

Energy Consumption

Report Generation

.csv, pdf and JASON

Notifications & Alerts

via Email and Dashboard

Energy Heat Maps

Energy Demand


Power Usage

Effectiveness (PUE)

Digital Transparency

Quick Return on Investment

In all of the aforementioned applications, the energy savings that can result from the application of an Alphonso Smart Energy Savers can be substantial. In many installations, the life-cycle energy savings alone offer a quick payback on the investment. Once the initial investment is recovered, the energy savings can be realized for years and years to come.​ In most cases, the ROI varies between 6 to 36 months based upon the Capacity of Load and Seasons.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate Harmonic Problems

  • Reduce High Electricity Bills

  • Reduce Power Quality Issues

  • Use Energy Efficiently

  • Long Life for your Devices

  • Remote Live-Monitoring & Analytics

  • Customized Report Generation

  • Machine Learning-based information to save energy more efficiently

  • Quick Return On Investment

  • Save Energy Upto 30%


Increase in Energy Efficiency & Energy Saving

Reduced CO2 Emissions

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