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Yugasys Predictive Maintenance Systems

Empowering Enterprises by Improving Asset efficiency using AI based Predictive Analytics.

The Alphonso Predictive maintenance Systems (APdMS) are designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed. This approach promises cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance, because tasks are performed only when warranted. Thus, it is regarded as condition-based maintenance carried out as suggested by estimations of the degradation state of an item.


Predictive maintenance major benefits are, it reduces time required for maintenance and reduces the costs of maintenance. Recently there has been a rise in demand for transforming maintenance and reducing asset downtime.

yugasys, smart manufacturing, industry 4.0, Predictive maintenance

Why Do you need Predictive Maintenance Systems ?

  • Reduces the total cost of maintenance.

  • Reduce the total labor needed to maintain facilities in the required condition.

  • Controlled reductions in the inventory of materials and spare parts.

  • Reduced unnecessary damage to equipment.

  • Avoid costly disruptions by predicting equipment malfunctions.

  • Improve product quality and reliability by tracking insights from sensor data.

  • Prevention of unplanned downtime.

The Process

yugasys, smart factories, industry 4.0

Data Acquisition

yugasys, smart factories, industry 4.0, Predictive maintenance

The Alphonso Modular Wireless Sensor Nodes can sense 2000+ Parameters Ranging from Acceleration, Current, Friction, Humidity, Pressure Shocks, Temperature to Voltage.


Beam all the data to our Industrial Gateways via a secured Wireless Sensor Network.


Each gateway can support up to 200+ Such Wireless Sensor Nodes! Now imagine about Scalability!

Data Analytics

yugasys, smart factories, industry 4.0, analysis

The Analytics Platform is a handy web platform / Android app where you can monitor data that are being generated from your assets in a vibrant graphical representation form.


The Platform features Semi-automatic control panels, Digital Twin of your asset, Layout of Factory/Building, Life of each Assets & their Warranty, Maintenance Schedules, Product Quality, etc.

Prediction & Action

The Analytical Platform hosts Machine learning based Predictive Algorithms to empower your enterprises with the power of Predictive Maintenance.

  • Identifies Probable Issues.

  • Suggests probable solutions.

  • Prepares Maintenance Report.

  • Warns you before primary damages.

  • Notifies you to act up on the issues.

  • Most importantly, learns every day with your insights and adapt to your usage to provide highest accuracy.

  • Featured with Digital Twin, A Digital representation of your assets that provides both the elements and the dynamics of how your assets operates and lives throughout its life cycle.

yugasys, smart manufacturing, industry 4.0, digital twin


While the human eye sees just a machine, the digital eye augments that with analytics, deep insights and connects it to people. Making Technology better!

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