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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) refers to a modern system that leverages smart energy meters to collect, manage, and communicate energy consumption data in real-time. It significantly advances traditional utility metering methods, which typically require manual readings.

Yugasys' Smart energy meters follow IS16444 and IEC 62052 Standards. They are digital devices that measure electricity, consumption regularly. These meters have communication capabilities, allowing them to transmit data wirelessly or through powerline communication to a central data collection point.

These devices measure energy consumption and provide accurate and timely readings. They can record consumption data in short intervals, such as every 15 minutes, enabling utilities and consumers to have a granular view of energy usage patterns.

The key components Include:

  • Smart Energy Meters

  • Meter Data Acquisition System (MDAS)

  • Head-end Systems (HES)


Yugasys' AI-based smart surveillance uses AI on edge systems in public areas. This refers to the deployment of artificial intelligence technologies in surveillance systems that are located at the edge of a network, such as on-site cameras and sensors, to enhance security and safety in public spaces. These systems leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning models to analyze real-time video streams and sensor data, enabling proactive monitoring, threat detection, and response.

The services provided by Yugasys in public areas include:

  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition

  • Facial Recognition

  • Crowd Management

  • Demography

  • Object Detection

  • Anomaly Detection

  • Threat assessment and alerting

  • Predictive analytics

  • Privacy protection

Overall, Yugasys' AI-based smart surveillance on edge systems in public areas offers enhanced situational awareness, proactive threat detection, and efficient management of security in public spaces while considering privacy and ethical considerations.


The Smart Waiting Lounges (SWL) revolutionizes the commuting experience and City Architecture. Our innovative technology analyzes real-time data from multiple sources to provide personalized, location-based information to commuters, including bus schedules, weather updates, news, and direct advertising.


With our user-friendly interface on the kiosk & mobile app, commuters can easily access free and secured internet over Wifi Hotspot, access information, as well as charge their devices and even book last-mile connectivity services directly from the SWL.


The SWLs are Modular in structure and support multiple add-ons. By improving the commuting experience, our SWL creates a win-win situation for Government, the Public, and Advertisers.


Yugasys' Smart light controllers and CCMS (Centralized Control and Management System) portal are advanced solutions used in modern lighting systems to enhance control, efficiency, and management of lighting infrastructure. These technologies enable seamless integration, automation, and monitoring of lighting operations, providing numerous benefits for users. 

  1. Smart Street Light Controllers: Smart light controllers are intelligent devices that enable precise control of lighting fixtures.

  2. CCMS Portal: Yugasys' CCMS portal is a web and app-based software platform that acts as a central control and management system for smart lighting infrastructure. It provides a user-friendly interface through which the authority can monitor, control, and manage lighting operations efficiently. The CCMS portal allows authorities to access real-time data, configure settings, create schedules, and generate reports for analysis and optimization of lighting usage.


Our Integrated Command and Control Suite is a comprehensive solution designed for city administration and intelligence bureaus. With its advanced features, it offers a centralized platform for efficient management, monitoring, and decision-making in complex urban environments.


This state-of-the-art suite combines advanced technologies, data integration, and real-time analytics to provide actionable insights and streamline operations.


From public safety and emergency response to infrastructure management and intelligence gathering, our Integrated Command and Control Suite empowers authorities with the tools they need to ensure the security, well-being, and sustainable development of their cities.

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