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The Yugasys' Smart Bus Lounges OR Smart Waiting Lounges are State-Of Art Street Architecture with Smart and Luxury Amenities.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid Power Supply

  • AI-Based Surveillance

  • Free Hi-Speed and Secured Internet

  • Large Display Panels for Advertisements

  • Promote Local Business

  • Interactive Citizen Kiosks

  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

  • Remote Monitoring, Control & Analytics

  • Hygienic Bio Toilets

  • Last Mile Connectivity

  • Infotainment

  • SOS





The Alphonso Advanced Streetlight Controllers are Smart, Rugged and Wireless System that controls the Streetlights automatically.

With these systems, cities can effortlessly upgrade their street lights with intelligent controllers turning street lights into a smart city connectivity hub.

Key Features:

  • Saves Energy up to 30%

  • Built for LED & HID Lamps

  • Optional IS16444 Standard Meters

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Custom CCMS Software

  • Scalable Wireless Systems

  • 128b AES Encryption

  • Flexible Dimming Controls

  • Remote Monitoring, Control & Analytics



Smart agriculture involves the integration of advanced technologies into already persisting agricultural practices with a view to boosting product quality and efficiency for farming products.

Key Features:

  • Remote Monitoring & Analytics

  • AI Based Predective Systems

  • Precision Farming

  • Smart Irrigation Management

  • Platform to Connect Farmers with Customers

  • Single window Platform for Farmers and FPUs

  • Smart Crop Quality Rating System

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