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Alphonso Energy is An Energy Management Division of Yugasys Focused on Energy Efficiency in Industries and UN SDG 7.

We provide Energy Management Solutions like Smart Energy Saver Systems, Smart Metering Solutions, Smart Street Light Management and Energy Analytics.

Centralized Smart Energy Saver Systems

Alphonso Smart Energy Saver is a proven and state-of-the-art Energy Saving equipment installed in series to Mains / Sub lighting panel to minimize the wastage of energy and save energy up to 30%.

The device works under the principle of Harmonic Suppression, voltage and current optimization technique to reduce wasteful energy and harmonics which results in improvising power quality and reduce demand charges.

Smart Energy Saver System_FV.png
Smart Energy Savers_36kVA Indoor.png

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

The Alphonso Smart Energy Meters are state of the art technology built by Yugasys Research & Development to monitor various Industrial & household electrical parameters and control the loads as per the user requirement either automatically or manually.


These Meters come along with a web portal & an android application for remote monitoring & Control purposes.

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